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Director of Medical Laser Systems (Annandale, VA)

Job description

Virginia Healthcare Services (VHCS) is expanding its business and establishing a medical and aesthetic laser and energy-based devices department to sell the devices to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians. The departments work will include training, maintenance, and after sales services.

With the development of our new department, VHCS is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the position of Director of Medical Laser Systems in the Medical Laser Department. This dynamic role entails overseeing technical staff, providing valuable input into training policies, participating in quality assurance activities, and directly managing laser system safety and risk. The Director of Medical Laser Systems will work in close partnership with all relevant entities, including the CEO to create new sales leads and increase the sales of our devices.

The role is based in our Annandale, Virginia headquarters. The following job description outlines the candidate profile, key tasks, and qualifications associated with this position.

Candidate Profile

  • The ideal candidate for the position of Director of Medical Laser Systems should possess strong strategic thinking abilities to drive revenue growth and expand the customer base in the medical laser industry. They should demonstrate expertise in formulating comprehensive long-term plans, optimizing available resources for maximum impact.
  • Proficiency in business development is essential, enabling candidates to identify growth opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and enhance profitability. They should possess a track record of expanding customer bases and cultivating employee satisfaction.
  • The Director of Medical Laser Systems will lead marketing strategy and brand development, creating and implementing impactful campaigns. Expertise in marketing tactics, including advertisement creation and campaign measurement, is crucial for success in this role. Collaboration with stakeholders will be pivotal for sustained departmental growth.

Key Tasks

As the Director of Medical Laser Systems at VHCS, you will assume a pivotal role in spearheading the establishment and growth of the department. Your responsibilities will play a crucial part in shaping and leading various aspects of the Medical Laser Department’s operations, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services that meet the demands of customers and stakeholders. You will be entrusted with a dynamic set of responsibilities that are subject to evolve in accordance with the department’s expansion and evolving needs. The anticipated tasks associated with this role include:

Supplier Management and Device Selection

  • Identify and select reputable laser and energy-based device suppliers for the department.
  • Ensure the procurement of high-quality devices that meet customer needs.

Market Research and Industry Engagement

  • Attend important aesthetic laser and energy-based device conferences to stay updated on new devices and market trends.
  • Prioritize innovative devices and applications that add value to customers and propel the department into the future.

Training Center Establishment

  • Establish a laser and energy-based device training center to educate and support customers.
  • Provide comprehensive training to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians, covering laser physics, safety, tissue interaction, indications, and techniques.

Sales and Marketing Support

  • Maintain a strong value proposition throughout the sales process.
  • Measure and analyze sales activities, providing insights to the sales, marketing, and maintenance teams for future campaigns and improvements.
  • Develop marketing activities aligned with the value proposition, analyzing customer response to enhance nurturing and conversion.

Business Development

  • Evaluate new business opportunities, including market analysis, client needs assessment, and competitor evaluation within the aesthetic and medical laser industry.
  • Develop growth plans with defined goals, strategies, and tactics to expand market share and explore new markets.

Product Development and Innovation

  • Create and implement new aesthetic laser systems and protocols that cater to customer needs and industry advancements.
  • Stay updated on emerging laser and energy-based technologies that may impact the company’s industry or business model.

Team Training and Collaboration

  • Provide training to the sales, marketing, and maintenance teams on laser fundamentals, safety, physics, tissue interaction, aesthetic applications, and new indications.
  • Collaborate with managers to brainstorm and develop innovative solutions to internal challenges.


  • Communicate with key decision-makers and provide leadership for achieving sales targets.
  • Participate in the development and evaluation of service-related policies and training programs.
  • Interact with regulatory agencies and keep technical staff and sales team updated on policies and training.
  • Oversee performance of scientific laser consultative staff.
  • Collaborate on emergency equipment coverage and spare parts decisions.


  1. Candidates applying for the position of Medical Laser Director must possess the following qualifications:
  2. Bachelor’s degree in any hard science field such as Biology or Chemistry.
  3. Master’s degree or higher in Laser Science from an accredited Laser Institute
  4. Membership in the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, or a comparable society.
  5. Minimum of 10 years of senior executive-level leadership experience in the medical and aesthetic laser industry, with a strong focus on execution, innovation, and driving growth
  6. Proven track record of successful business development and technical expertise in the field of laser and energy-based devices
  7. Minimum 10 years of experience in identifying and monitoring training needs for the aesthetic healthcare professionals, and design, plan, implement training programs, policies, and procedures to fulfill those needs.
  8. Demonstrated ability to build strategic partnerships and cultivate trusted relationships with suppliers, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians
  9. Expertise in the installation, operation, and testing of medical laser and energy-based devices, including fiber optics, handpieces, and optics used in medicine and aesthetics
  10. In-depth knowledge of marketing research, management principles, and a keen understanding of industry trends and customer preferences to effectively guide and supervise marketing/sales teams
  11. Strong background in leading sales, marketing, and maintenance teams to drive revenue, brand recognition, and deliver exceptional after-sales support.

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off

To apply, please call (703) 333-5288.